1. Outline

1.1 AI4LS: AI for Life Sciences, a  virtual challenge series dedicated to fostering innovation and applying artificial intelligence to the betterment of various life sciences domains. This challenge series aims to attract enthusiastic participants who are keen to explore and discover unique solutions for leveraging the power of AI technologies in the life sciences.

1.2. The Hackathon is organised by

Gradient Zero SoftwareentwicklungsgmbH (FN 503267 z)

Teinfaltstraße 4/12

1010 Vienna


DAIKI GmbH (FN 604965 f)

Teinfaltstraße 4/12

1010 Vienna

(hereinafter the “Organisers”).


2. Application 

2.1. The Hackathon and its challenges (hereinafter “Challenges”, see below) are open worldwide to anyone over the age of 18. All coding enthusiasts, students, and professionals are invited to apply for the Hackathon. All information regarding the Hackathon and the application is available on the website (hereinafter the “Website”).

2.2. Participants can be individuals, organisations, or other legal entities. They may apply for and enter the Challenges as individuals or teams of two or more (up to 5) individuals over the age of 18 (hereinafter “Participants” and also “Teams”, as the case may be) 

2.3. Teams may apply for and participate in any or all Challenges. All applications for the participation in the Challenges have to be made via online form on the Website, applicants must also agree to these Rules of Competition. All applicants must guarantee that the personal information they provide as part of their application is true and correct. Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that his/her/their participation in the Challenges does not violate any existing regulations of his/her/their employer, educational institution, or the like. Any disadvantages resulting from the provision of incorrect personal information (like contact details) shall be borne by the applicant. Applications that do not comply with the application form are invalid and will be excluded from participation. 

2.4. Under no circumstances will the Organisers be responsible for any technical failure, malfunction, or other problem that results in the loss of an application or correspondence or incorrect application for the Challenges.


3. Preselection 

3.1. Teams will be admitted per Challenge. Preselection takes place after the closing of the application phase (the deadline for applications will be announced on the Website). The Organisers of the Hackathon will select the Teams to be admitted to the Challenges at their own discretion. In the Organisers’ discretion, they may select and appoint a preselection jury or experts to assist them in their decision-making. 

3.2. There is no legal claim to participate in the Hackathon and its Challenges. The Organisers’ decision is final and there is no right to appeal or recourse to the courts. 

3.3. All applicants will be notified via e-mail about the preselection results. The preselected Teams will also be announced on the Website. 


4. Challenges and Prizes

4.1. The Hackathon consists of a Challenge. Each Challenge will be organised as its own competition.

4.2. Awards

The total award fund for the Hackathon amounts to USD 15.000 and will be split between the winning Teams for each Challenge as follows:  



1st Place


2nd Place

$ 4,000

3rd Place



5. Rules of Conduct

5.1. The Hackathon’s language is English. 

5.2. All Participants shall use their own hard- and software, the Organisers do not provide any IT equipment. 

5.3. The Organisers are promoting equal opportunities for all Participants. With this in mind, Participants may only use (a) freely available/open source software, (b) usual standard commercial software suites, and/or their own software, pre-trained sets, etc. If Participants choose to use their own software or existing datasets, they are obliged to make them available to all other Participants of the Hackathon. 

5.4. The participation in the Hackathon is free of charge. The Organisers may provide drinks and food for any on-site event, but are not obliged to do so. Any costs resulting from the participation in the Hackathon, such as travel expenses, costs for accommodation, etc are to be borne by the participants themselves. There is no claim for financial or other compensation of a Participant against the Organisers.

5.5. During the Challenges, the Organisers, their legal representatives and agents are authorised to give instructions to Participants. Instructions given by the personnel conducting the Hackathon/Challenges must be strictly adhered to, especially such pertaining to security, compliance with the law as well as technical standards, and third parties’ rights.

5.6. At the end of each Challenge, the Teams will present their results to an expert jury (hereinafter the “Jury”). The Jury will decide on the winning Team for each Challenge. The decision will be based on the criteria announced at the beginning of the Hackathon, or from time to time. 

5.7. The Organisers reserve the right to interrupt or cancel the Hackathon or individual Challenges at any time without prior notice (and/or award distribution), as well as the right to exclude individual Participants and/or Teams from participation. In particular, the Organisers may exclude one or more Participants/Teams if they violate these Rules of Competition, use or try to use unauthorised aids or otherwise (try to) gain an advantage through manipulation, seek to engage in business espionage or other unfair practice or competition, as well as a violation of criminal, civil or administrative law, or of the ordre public. In such cases, awards (whether they have already been granted or not) may also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.

5.8. The Organisers also reserve the right to change or amend these Rules of Competition.


6. License Grant, Open Source, Intellectual Property and Copyright

6.1. All rights regarding the work results (code, software, calculation models, designs, and other IP) and parts thereof created or introduced by the Participants during the Hackathon (“Work Results”) remain with the Participants, unless expressly stipulated otherwise hereinafter. 

6.2. By participating in the Hackathon/Challenges, every Participant irrevocably grants the Organisers and their legal successors the right to use, share, store, archive, parse and display their Work Results. 

6.3. In addition to Clause 6.2, every Participant agrees that their Work Results shall be made publicly available online to other users as Open Source.  

6.4. Every Participant irrevocably grants the Organisers and their legal successors the right to make the Work Results public as Open Source under the MIT License as follows: 

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: 

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


6.5. The Participants guarantee that their Work Results do not violate criminal laws, copyrights, ancillary copyrights or other intellectual property rights as well as personal rights of third parties. The Organisers are under no obligation to actively investigate whether the Participants comply with this rule, and they can rely on proper conduct by the Participants. By submitting their application, the Participants agree to indemnify and hold the Organisers harmless in this respect.

6.6. If the Organisers make any data, software, trademarks, designs, concepts, logos, etc available to the Participants, the Participants do not receive any rights of use to these, unless the Organisers have expressly agreed to this in writing.


7. Payment of Awards 

7.1. The prize money will be transferred via electronic bank transfer, cash payment is not possible. 

7.2. The winning Teams are required to provide the Organisers, within two weeks after the winning Teams have been announced, with sufficient bank details for the transfer of the prize money. If the Teams fail to provide the necessary bank details within two weeks, the prize money shall be forfeited.  

7.3. All taxes associated with the prize money are to be borne by the winning Teams themselves and any necessary tax declarations are to be made by them. The Organisers assume no liability in this regard.


8. Sole Liability of the Participants, Exclusion of Liability

8.1. The Organisers are not to be held responsible for any claims relating to the activities carried out by Participants in the framework of the Hackathon. The Organisers shall also not be held liable for any damages caused or sustained by any of the Participants, including any damages caused to third parties because of or during the Hackathon. 

8.2. The following exclusions and limitations of liability apply to the liability of the Organisers, without prejudice to other legal provisions. Each Organiser is liable only for direct damage caused by them intentionally or through gross negligence. Any liability beyond this is excluded, except in the case of personal injury.


9. Processing of Personal Data, Personal Rights

9.1. The Organisers collect personal data of all applicants and Participants of the Hackathon and treat them in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Austrian Data Protection Act.  

9.2. For further information, please visit the Organisers’ Privacy Policy.

9.3. The Participants agree that they may be filmed and photographed during the Hackathon, and that the Organisers may use their name, images, photos, films, comments or other recordings without compensation for promotional purposes in print media, on their own website or social media. 

9.4. The Participants further agree that their names and/or Team names may be published on the Organisers’ Website.  


10. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction 

10.1. Only Austrian law shall apply. All disputes arising from or in connection with the Hackathon or these Rules of Competition shall, unless statutory binding law should stipulate otherwise, be settled exclusively by the competent court for commercial matters in Vienna.

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