November 15 - December 13, 2023

AI for
Life Sciences

Multidisciplinary hackathon series

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AI for Life Sciences

Join us for the first challenge in our virtual hackathon series! The aim of the challenge series is to find innovative solutions for applying AI in various life sciences domains.

While AI holds tremendous potential in life sciences, researchers face several challenges in integrating AI into their work, from data accessibility and quality to regulatory compliance, ethical considerations, and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the advancement of AI-driven solutions in the dynamic field of life sciences!

1st AI_LS challenge

The theme for our inaugural challenge will revolve around AI in biotech. More details to follow.


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The first challenge is set to take place in fall 2023, from November 15 – December 13.

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+ Data sharing platform + Mentors + Real-world datasets and use cases

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future challenge setter

Got an idea for a future AI for Life Sciences challenge? We’re looking for partners who’d like to set a challenge for future events. The possibilities are endless – the main criterion is that the challenge pertains to applying AI to a life science domain.


The first AI for Life Sciences hackathon is focused on the field of life sciences. The aim of the virtual challenge is to develop an innovative solution applying AI to a biotech use case. More details to follow.

Each team can have a maximum of 5 team members. Teams should have at least 2 members to participate in the challenge.

Submissions will be judged based on the innovativeness of the solution, technical execution, impact and feasibility, and the presentation and communication of the solution.

There are cash prizes for the winning teams. 

1st place: $10,000

2nd place: $4,000

3rd place: $1,000

The challenge will run for one month. The start date for the first challenge is TBD; we are targeting fall 2023. 

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